Life's Better with Valley Energy

Fuel Products

Valley Energy offers complete energy solutions for your home or business: a broad selection of fuels for every need, the best equipment for efficiency and comfort, and comprehensive delivery and service plans to keep everything running smoothly.

Heating Oil/Kerosene

We choose our suppliers carefully, so you can be sure of receiving only quality #2 heating oil. We also offer heating oil treated with Fuel-Rite's Cold-Flow, which performs better in cold-weather environments.


Propane is versatile for heating homes, heating water, cooking, drying clothes, and fueling gas fireplaces.


Valley supplies 87, 89 and 93 octane gasolines, and quality performance Sunoco racing fuels.

Diesel/BioDiesel Fuels

Valley also offers Off-Road, On-Road and BioDiesel fuels.

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